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Your morning coffee ritual, the mid day cup of tea, you and your pet’s shared meal time… those are special moments, and those moments just got even more *exciting*!


Hand crafted in Philadelphia, and designed in collaboration with Brian Giniewski, AAPETPEOPLE brings you our first ever ceramics collection of mugs + pet bowls!


The collection is inspired by the fact that Felicity, Anneliese’s rescue poodle, will specifically wait to eat until she sees Anneliese getting her morning coffee and breakfast… Anneliese says, “I have to time our meals out together, to make sure she eats! when I eat she eats, and vice versa haha… I always enjoy our meals together, and want other pet parents to cherish that ritual too”


Available in three color ways, turquoise, charcoal, and white, these dreamily drippy style ceramics will level up you and your pets mealtimes!


Save more with a set!

Pieces maybe purchased as a set, or separately. (we recommend a set because you and your pet DESERVE this ✨)

Both mugs and bowls are dishwasher + microwave safe!


p.s. because we are committed to saving homeless pets, a purchase of your purchase is automatically donated to East Lake Pet Orphanage! (they say thank you 🐶)

Charcoal Drippy Ceramics

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