Meet our new and improved silk bandana + mask set! Chic, elevated, and perfect for you and your pet's daily lives together.


Made using 100% silk, our mask is made with a double layer, as well as a filter, for optimal medical grade safety + filtration. Designed with a pleated style to be universally flattering for all face shapes. 


The bandana comes in 2 sizes, S/M or L/XL. Choose from aqua, lilac, pink, or black! You truly cannot go wrong 😏


Why are these so special?! Here's why...

  • 4  versatile color options
  • Supple, soft, 100% silk
  • Elevated and classic look
  • In style year round 
  • Chic, and unisex
  • Double layer on both mask and bandana for optimal filtration and durability. 
  • Hand sewn in the NYC garment district.
  • Optimal for warmer weather, and prevent "maskne"!

Silk Bandana + Mask Set