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AAPETPEOPLE features items for pets and their people. Our mission is to bring together pets, people, and luxury. The brand launched in January 2020, with limited t-shirt designs, and a photographic essay publication. This periodical magazine tells intriguing personal stories of regional icons in creative fields and a peek into how they got to where they are now... all while accompanied by furry companions!


There are over 70 million homeless cats and dogs in the United States alone, and we are determined to make a change in these numbers by supporting animal rescue work one purchase at a time. We also feel that pets too deserve the luxuries offered to people. We are dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable practices in all aspects of product development & production, and will go above and beyond to make you and your pet happy. 


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Hi- first of all, I am so happy you are here, and here's a little bit about me... my name is Anneliese Aeria and I am an actress, model, dancer, musician, artist, entrepreneur, and, most of all, a pet lover which is why at the age of 17 I founded AAPETPEOPLE. Growing up, I was painfully shy, and incredibly lacking in confidence. I began modeling and acting when I was 12-ish, and working on sets with people I found intimidating and scary. These experiences were exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Thankfully, I found that if I was able to some how slide in the question, "do you have pets?" to those around me, and find some common ground, all of the sudden the ice was broken! This simple question has put me at ease countless times, and made me realize that the individuals who were initially so intimidating were also like me and that many had pet connections like I do. 

I credit my love of animals to my mother who is an entrepreneur of sorts and a veterinarian. Both of my parents work as veterinarians, so I grew up around all kinds of animals. Fostering puppies and kittens with my siblings are some of my fondest early memories, and I have always had a deep connection with pet rescue.


As a full time model/actress, and pet lover, I decided to connect my two worlds. AAPETPEOPLE is the uniting of fashion, people, and pets. Creative relationships, pet connections, and animal rescue are the motivation behind my brand, AAPETPEOPLE.