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While a portion of our profits automatically go towards helping homeless pets, you can do more to help by supporting East Lake Pet Orphanage.

Since 2001, East Lake Pet Orphanage has been connecting people and pets in our community by providing medical care, a warm place to stay, and the love our team and volunteers pour into the homeless pets that walk into our doors. As a 501(C)(3) non-profit, no-kill shelter in East Dallas, East Lake Pet Orphanage relies on the support of volunteers and donors, so donations of all shapes and sizes go a long way to help the pets in need that deserve a second chance at life.



Meet Blane - 


He was brought in to East Lake with a severely broken jaw.  The doctors stabilized him, but he will need additional surgery to set the jaw properly.  He is doing well so far, and with time will be ready for a home. Blane is intensely social and loves attention.  Follow East Lake for more info on Blane, and donate below to support his continued care.

Meet Bruno - 


This 8 month old Aussie Heeler mix was brought in to East Lake with a shattered leg.  The doctors have carefully mended his leg, and it is healing well. ELPO is optimistic the Bruno will be able to walk and have full function of his leg once healed.

Please donate to support Bruno's continued care. He is up for adoption currently, and can be applied for below! 

Meet Ladybird - 


This tiny calico was found all alone on the LBJ Freeway, most likely abandoned there.  East Lake took her in, nursed her to health, and she is now happily adopted with the family she deserves.

Meet Smokey - 


Smokey was rescued by Dallas Fire Department from a burning building. This sweet boy does not let his rough start affect his love of life. He is exuberant, adores his toys, and is loved by all at East Lake.

Smokey is currently up for adoption and can be applied for on East Lake's website now.


The driving force behind AAPETPEOPLE is to help create awareness for responsible pet ownership and rescue.

As much as I wish I could adopt all the fur babies that need help, there's many ways we can all chip in and create an impact on the numbers of animals in shelters, and reduce the euthanization rates across the country. WE can all play a part in saving lives, giving a second chance, and informing others how to help these animals in need.


First, You can donate here to our darling friends  at East Lake Pet Orphanage and I can assure you they will be indebted to you for even a $5 donation! 



Second, foster! Fostering pets during this time will alleviate the pressures that shelters are feeling. Fostering can be done at home and feeds your soul knowing that you are giving a temporary loving home to an animal.



Third, ADOPT! If you have the means of adopting an animal at this time, that will do the most good. Giving an animal a forever home in this state of uncertainty will not only save a pet’s life, but it will also give you a connection to a living being can be one of the most loving and gratifying life decisions that you ever make.  



If you don't have the means to donate, foster or adopt, please consider sharing AAPETPEOPLE with friends and family. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of communication and learning. Sharing us as a resource to inform others will have a ripple effect, and can be exponentially powerful.

Thank you, darling xx

- Founder, Anneliese Aeria

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