During this unsure time, now, more than ever, we need our fur babies! I have caught myself thinking several times, “what would I do with out Felicity (my dog)? How could I be quarantined with out her? With out the presence of friends or family!”… These types of thoughts have been running rampant through my mind, and it is difficult for me to verbalize the gratitude in my heart for this little, 5lbs of fluff that lights up my life every day… quarantined or not! 


A weight on my heart right now is the increasing statistic of pets being surrendered based on individuals feeling financial pressures at this time. With this said, I want to focus on what we all CAN DO either from home, or socially distanced to help these pet-angels. 



First, You can donate here via the AAPETPEOPLE website to help homeless pets! Our friends at East Lake Pet Orphanage will be indebted to you for even a $5 donation! 



Second, foster! Fostering pets during this time will alleviate the pressures that shelters are feeling right now. Fostering can be done at home, and feeds your soul knowing that you are giving a temporary loving home to an animal.



Third, ADOPT! If you have the means of adopting an animal at this time, that will do the most good. Giving an animal a forever home in this state of uncertainty will not only save a pet’s life, it will also give you a connection to a living being during this time of quarantine and beyond! It can be one of the most loving and gratifying life decisions that you ever make.  





- Founder, Anneliese Aeria


While a portion of our profits automatically go towards helping homeless pets, you can do more to help by supporting East Lake Pet Orphanage.

I recently visited  East Lake Pet Orphanage, and during my visit, an injured puppy was brought in.  Hit by a car- and left to die, Cashew, a 4lb chihuahua puppy, was taken to a kill shelter by some witnesses to the accident. Thankfully, the shelter representatives reached out to East Lake Pet Orphanage knowing he needed serious medical rehabilitation. Watch this video of his incredible rescue story, and learn how you can help save the lives of pets like Cashew...

Since 2001, East Lake Pet Orphanage has been connecting people and pets in our community by providing medical care, a warm place to stay, and the love our team and volunteers pour into the homeless pets that walk into our doors. As a 501(C)(3) non-profit, no-kill shelter in East Dallas, East Lake Pet Orphanage relies on the support of volunteers and donors, so donations of all shapes and sizes go a long way to help the pets in need that deserve a second chance at life.

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