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Rocio + Bruno | 33 Answers

This week, you will meet Rocio (Ro), and her dog, Bruno! Ro and I have known each other since I was just getting into my acting and fashion career. She was the hair and makeup artist on set at my first head shot shoot when I had just signed with my mother agency, The Campbell Agency. I have such fond memories of this headshot session with her, as she made me feel so at ease, and beautiful during a new and slightly nervous time for me, haha!

With out further a do, I give you that fab Rocio Vielma + Bruno!


AA + Felicity xx!


Meet the Person-

1. what is your name?

Rocio Vielma

2. what is your calling in life? I would say to the best of my knowledge, from what I've known so far, is to do everything that I do with love.

3. what is your favorite color? Blue. All shades and types and forms. Everything add blue.

4. What is your favorite type of food or meal?

I think I have several. I feel very grateful that I can say I enjoy a diversity of different cultures and I enjoy discovering new foods as well. real Mexican food is always going to be my favorite.

5. what is a smell that makes you happy?

When you smell the soil on land after the rain has passed, it's such a beautiful smell.

6. where and how did you grow up?

I was born in and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. I was there until I was 20 years old. I majored in contemporary dance and then I moved to the States.

7. what inspired you to do what you are doing now?

I've always been a creative. I've always been a right brained, been painting since I was five and as I said, I went to the conservatory and always exposed to the arts and always been around that so it came to me as a form of something I discovered that was something that I could make a living out, becoming a hair and makeup artist and understanding that beauty that I could still be creative within that profession and I truly love what I do. I've been doing it of 20 years.

8. if you could tell your younger self something you wish you knew now, what would it be?

It's all worth it. It's all going to be worth it.

9. if you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Strong. Resilient. Compassionate.

10. What are the unwritten rules of where you work?

I would say just to be kind and considerate to all those who are around you, who you come across to or... That's basically my point.

11. If You Had A Theme Song, What Would It Be?

Lovely Day


Meet the Pet-

1. what is your name?


2. what breed are you?


3. how old are you? human or animal years is fine.


4. if you had superpowers, what would it be?

Flying, jumping. Ninja powers!

5. who is your role model in life?

Levi, my big brother/father.

6. tell us your adoption/rescue story…

I came across this family, that unfortunately because of the current situation of COVID, they needed to get rid of a couple of their pugs because they couldn't afford having a lot of animals. We went and visited as soon as we saw him, and we knew we were going to fall in love with him. All of the four of us went, my kids and I, and we took him home that day!

7. favorite color?


8. what is the ultimate cheat meal for you?

Oh my, those new bacon treats that my mom just got me last week

9. what nicknames do you go by?





10. what is the best and worst thing about being a dog (or cat)?

Oh the best thing about being a dog is living the life. Everything is done for you. And you get all the loving from everybody! it's the best thing in the world. Also, everybody wants to pet me. Even during these times, they want to get close to me and pet me.

The worst would be, the weather. I still have to take care of my business outside in extreme weather. Also, the fact that I can't really convey to my family sometimes what I want! Probably those are the worst things.

11. What Would Be Your “Perfect” Day?

perfect day would be probably going out to the lake and going for long walks and just having the entire day outside because I love being outside!

12. If You Had A Theme Song, What Would It Be?

Sun is Shining by Bob Marley


Meet the Pair-

1. take us through your morning routines together…

Okay we get up. Bruno loves to sleep so sometimes if I have to get up extra early in the morning, he needs to go out and take care of his business. Sometimes he goes out or he goes immediately back to bed depending on what time we get up. On a regular day if I will be here at home he will just get up and run around. He loves to run around in the morning and then have his breakfast, then just start our day!

2. do you ever dress a like?

I guess we do because I wear a lot of black.

3. what is your favorite thing to do together?

Go to the lake or go on little road trips on the weekend.

4. favorite game to play together?

Oh, well he's a pug so he has a very short attention span. But- he loves to get tickled!

5. what is something Bruno does that gets on your nerves?

he tends to nibble Levi and Ellie’s toes (Ro’s kids). Because I know he sees it as a form of playing and he will not stop doing that. He really thinks that it's a little game and I know that the kids just absolutely hate that!

6. what is the best thing about having each other?

I cannot tell you just how much happiness he has brought to this home! That is the absolute best.

7. what is your favorite memory together?

We were at the river, the Blanco River, and next thing I knew I looked over and he's swimming! And I go, "Oh my God you can swim." Then there I am taking a video of it. I thought that was so special, and then of course the day that we brought him home as well. It was very special for our family.

8. how long have you been together?

5 months

9. what is the hardest thing about caring for Bruno?

The hardest thing I would say is that many times when I find myself alone with him, I wish that we could just have a fluent conversation between us because I feel like he's so present with those eyes.

10. does your pet inspire you? if so, how and why?

Yes. I think he inspires me in a way that no matter what, he is always so loving and giving. And it's like he is a total kid! If he misbehaves or does something, then my kids will tell me, "Momma, Bruno did this."

He will literally look at them like, "Why did you tell on me?" He probably thinks he’s human or something

11. if you and your pet were an iconic duo (could be from anywhere… tv, movies, celebrities, history, etc) who would it be and why?

Morticia Adams and Gomez, because he’s always giving kisses!


Thank you for taking time to read this interview with Ro and Bruno! I had so much fun talking to the pair, and if you liked what you read, share with all your cool pet loving friends! ;)

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