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Alicia + Bart, Charlie, Sabrina, Miu Miu | 33 Answers

Hi, hello, how are you?! Welcome to another 33 Answers.... this week we talk with Alicia, a Texas based photographer, and all 4 of her cats. With over 10 years experience working as a graphic designer, and having a strong sense of aesthetic style which leans both editorial, and commercial, Alicia is a powerhouse and an inspiring photographer. I can't wait for you to meet her and her kitties, and be sure to check them out on insta!

-AA xoxo



1. what is your name?

Alicia Stepp

2. what is your favorite color?

Pink… I never thought I’d say that!

3. What is your favorite type of food or meal?


4. if you could tell 16-year-old Alicia something you wish you knew now, what would it be?

Stay true to yourself, and don’t let other opinions affect me so heavily

5. As a photographer, what is a pet peeve?

My pet peeve: When people - particularly industry people - expect creative work to be done for free. Professional work has value and undercutting that undercuts the entire industry.

6. Tell us what would be the most interesting thing on your wikipedia page?

Most interesting thing about me would probably be that I’m a natural at white water kayaking and have been sea kayaking to different islands in the Pacific NW

7. if you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be?


8. What’s one ingredient you put in everything?

Black pepper! Love it!

9. Best thing to happen to you today?

We go for a walk every day, and I worked out, so I am happy to have moved today and made myself just do it!

10. What inspired you to pursue photography for a living?

I was always fascinated by photography as a kid, and always wanted to look at coffee table pictures. And I loved photobooths! Around 2006 my friend had a film camera, and when the digital age came around, I was able to combine my graphic artist side, and photography, and it was all very novel, and exciting being able to portray different feelings visually.

11. What are you most excited about at this time in your life?

Overall having a greater sense of self , and as a photographer. I have focused a lot on my brand and am very excited.



1. what is your name?




Miu Miu

2. what breeds are you?

Bart: Persian x tabby mix

Charlie: biff tabby

Sabrina: short hair

Miu Miu: pie balt

3. how old are you? human or animal years is fine.

Bart: 18

Charlie: 11

Sabrina: 10

Miu Miu: 2

4. What is your star sign?

Bart: Gemini

Charlie: Aquarius

Sabrina: Libra

Miu Miu: Sagittarius

5. who is your role model in life?

Charlie: the cowardly lion

Sabrina: Lindsay Lohan

Miu Miu: Bruce Lee

6. tell us your adoption/rescue story…

Bart: I was the runt of a litter, and I looked dead! Alicia thought I was dead, but saved me and the rest is history!

Charlie: Alicia saw me at animal services, and I was the only one not playing and was just crying! She had to take me…

Sabrina: Alicia’s neighbor found me in her garage, and just didn’t want me… so they kept me!

Miu Miu: I was a foster failure haha!

7. favorite color?

Bart: black

Charlie: red

Sabrina: pink

Miu Miu: green

8. what is the ultimate cheat meal for you?

Bart: a mouse or a bird tbh

Charlie: everyone elses meal

Sabrina: gouda

Miu Miu: chicken

9. what nicknames do you go by?

Bart: bartholomeu depus pudapus

Charlie: Charlie warlie bo barley

Sabrina: teeny weenie beanie

Miu Miu: Poo Poo Angel

10. If You Had A Theme Song, What Would It Be?

Bart: the theme song from mr. belveder

Charlie: the charlottes web song, a fair is a veritable schmorgasboard

Sabrina: Barbie Girl

Miu Miu: don’t stop me now by queen

11. What would you like to be remembered for?

Bart: I’m the rough and tumble

Charlie: my culinary indulgences. I have an affinity for eating. Also, I am the alpha

Sabrina: drama queen

Miu Miu: the young spry rambunctious teenager of the family



1. take us through your morning routines together…

the morning begins at 7am, and Charlie will chase Sabrina into the room... she will knock things over and get us up to feed them all.

2. do you ever dress a like?

Only when we are in the buff, or bundles up to stay warm

3. what are your favorite things to do together?


4. It's your perfect night in, what are you all doing?


5. what is something your cats do that can get on your nerves?

Charlie picks fights. Bart cries for food. Sabrina instigate fights with Charlie. Miu MIu runs down the fall and slams his body into the wall.

6. what is the funniest thing your cats have ever done?

Well idk what happened, but Miu Miu ended up outside in our Japanese maple. We don’t know how he got there!

We have one of those ring lights, and I got a notification that there was motion in the courtyard, and it was just Sabrina’s face.

Bart will just sit and stare at you while your sleeping. He’s so silent.

Charlie he will lay on his back like a cockroach

7. how long have you been together?

2013! 8 years

8. do your cats inspire you? if so, how and why?

For sure. They inspire me to be patient, be more empathic, and have taught me a lot about love. My cat, Mickey, passed away last spring and he was my soulmate baby. He truly had such a deep connection with me and learning just how deep a love can be between a pet, and person, has really taught me a lot and continues to inspire me.

9. if you and your pet were an iconic duo (could be from anywhere… tv, movies, celebrities, history, etc) who would it be and why?

The office cast!

10. what is the most meaningful experience you have shared with your pet either directly or indirectly?

I’d say losing Mickey, has impacted this household more than anything.

11. If someone is on the fence about bringing a cat into their life, what would you two tell them?

Cats get a bad wrap, but like any pet, the energy that you share, is generally what you receive. Cats are the best.


Thank you SO SO SO much for reading! I hope you loved this just as much as I did... Find Alicia and alllll her cats on insta @aliciastepptx

Until next week!

-AA xx

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