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Savannah + Yoda and Luna | 33 Answers

This week, meet Savannah Rose Lake! Savannah is a model who I have enjoyed working with a lot in NYC, and of course- a cat lover (aka ailurophile ;))... Savannah, and her boyfriend, Kenny, have cats, Yoda + Luna, and I can't wait for you to meet them!


AA + Felicity xx


Meet the Human-

1. what is your name?


2. what is your favorite color?

Baby pink

3. What is your favorite type of food or meal?

I love a good lobster roll!

4. what is a smell that makes you happy?

Laundry detergent :)

5. where and how did you grow up?

I grew up on Long Island with my mom, who also happens to be my BFF.

6. what inspired you to do what you are doing now?

Modeling kind of just happened to me... but seeing my boyfriend killing it in the industry, as a model, definitely inspired me to take the opportunities I've been given.

7. if you could tell your younger self something you wish you knew now, what would it be?

Go to college for something you love! Not for something that makes money (my biggest regret)

8. if you had super powers what would they be?

I am a human lie detector. I can smell B.S. from a mile away.

9. if you had one word to describe your self, what would it be?


10. As a model and working in the fashion industry, what is a strange or memorable story that has always stuck with you?

I went to a casting and the client made a negative comment about my height, and I also tripped while walking for them. I left the casting in tears because I was so embarrassed. Got a call a few hours later that they booked me for the runway. The fashion industry is weird...

11. Describe your style in three words

Inconsistent, cozy, neutral


Meet the Pets-

1. what are your names?

Yoda (left) and Luna (right)

2. what breed are you?

We're both sphynx cats

3. how old are you?

Yoda - 1.5 years

luna - 9 months

4. if you had super powers, what would it be?

Yoda - inhaling my food

Luna - I'd be the cat version of Spiderman, there's nowhere that I can't climb

5. who is your role model in life?

Yoda - I love my dad the most because he feeds me and gives me a lot of treats

Luna - my role model is my mom because she will rub me until her hands cramp.

6. tell us your adoption/rescue story…

Yoda - I flew to New York with a cat nanny from Maryland, it was a quick trip but I'm so glad they didn't let me fly alone because I have a lot of anxiety

Luna - Mom and Dad drove a few hours to Pennsylvania to pick me up from a breeder. The breeder decided not to use me as a breeding cat because I have a minor medical condition that he didn't want to pass onto any kittens. Originally, the breeder bought me from a different breeder all the way in Ukraine. Ive bounced around a lot, but I'm pretty unfazed by everything. Just glad I finally found my permanent home!

7. favorite color?

Yoda - pink like my skin!

Luna - purple like my ears :)

8. what is the ultimate cheat meal for you?

Yoda - Every once in a while mom cooks me an omelette! It's my favorite.


9. what nicknames do you go by?

Yoda - my parents called me "buddy" a lot, I wouldn't call it a logical nickname though

Luna - they always call me "sweet girl" cause I love to be cuddled and held.

10. what is the best and worst thing about being a cat?

Yoda - I can sleep a lot, but I can't eat whenever and whatever I want. That's annoying.

Luna - I love all the attention, but it would be nice if I had more things to climb on. I climb up the curtains like they're rope, and my parents get really mad at me.

11. what is something you want people to know about you?

Yoda - Don't touch me unless I approach you first. It's annoying and I'll run away.

Luna - I love being held and rubbed and cuddled! Me and my brother are opposites.


Meet the Group-

1. take us through your morning routines together...

The cats step on us while we're sleeping to let us know that they're ready to eat! Usually I ignore them because I know Kenny is a light sleeper and will wake up to take care of it. The cats meow reaaaally loud while he makes their food, and they don't shut up until their mouths are stuffed LOL

2. do you ever dress a like?

No! They have a lot of sweaters, but we humans don't have any matching ones :(

3. what are your favorite things to do together?

Cuddle and sleep! The cats are both cuddle monsters. All four of us share the bed. Kenny takes up one half, and me, Yoda and Luna all squeeze in the second half!

4. favorite game to play together?

Fetch! Yoda is especially good at this, but Luna is still learning.

5. what is something that your pet does that gets on your nerves?

Yoda constantly sits in front of his food bowl, even when he knows it's not time to eat. It makes us feel really guilty, so sometimes he convinces us to give him a snack. Luna is an absolute acrobat. Our curtains are completely ruined from her climbing them every night while we try to sleep.

6. what is the best thing about having each other?

They make me feel so loved and like I have such a huge purpose in this world by being their parent. I was always a dog person growing up, but Yoda and Luna have truly dragged me over to the dark side. I used to think all cats were the same and that only dogs had individual personalities, but they DEFINITELY proved all my cat prejudices to be wrong.

7. what is your favorite memory together?

Me and Kenny recently took professional photos with the cats! That was really special to us.

8. what is the funniest thing your pet has ever done?

Yoda sleeps with his eyes open which makes us laugh a lot. Luna has random bursts of energy where she spazzes out like a crazy person! That makes us crack up too because its always really unexpected.

9. how long have you been together?

Yoda we've had for over a year, and Luna is our new addition! She's only been with us for a few months. It's crazy to think about because I don't remember life without either of them.

10. what is the hardest thing about caring for your pet?

Yoda is just a really sensitive cat, we have to feed him raw venison because he has so many allergies. It took us forever to find a food that didn't give him terrible diarrhea and rashes all over. Luna is definitely the healthier of the two (which is ironic because she's the one with a minor birth defect). But her nails do get a lot dirtier than Yoda's. Cleaning and cutting her nails takes twice the time that his do

11. Do you inspire each other in any way? if so, how and why?

I don't know if inspire is the word I'd use, but they definitely cause me to do a lot of reflection. I think having them has shown me some small but telling signs regarding how I might parent in the future!

Is there anything else you'd like to add about you and your pet(s)?

I love them so much I can't put it into words, that is all. If you're thinking about getting a hairless cat, please do. It will change your life for the better!


Massive thank you to Savannah, Yoda, and Luna for joining us this week! I hope you enjoyed this week's 33 Answers, and give them a follow on insta @iamsavrose

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